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Free Home Literacy Environment Checkup

Does your home make the grade for supporting your child's literacy development to raise a strong reader that thrives and loves to read? Find out now.

How Post-Its Can Change a Life and Help Your Child Learn to Read

Raising strong readers takes being intentional and grabbing those everyday experiences to weave in literacy moments. Simple Post-Its provide a quick way to expose your child to more print.


5 Simple Steps to Engage Your Child and Build Comprehension During Reading

His teacher shared with her that her son was struggling with reading comprehension. She raced through the story as she explained to me how she always read to him when he was younger. Unfortunately, ...

Your Child Isn't a Terrible Speller. They Just Haven't Learned The Rules - Here's How You Can Help

Maybe you’ve heard a friend or relative groan about being a ‘bad speller.’ I know I’ve heard it on more than a few occasions in my lifetime. Here's the truth. There's no such thing as a bad speller. Being a lousy speller is a myth. There are only kids who...

Somebody Needs A Nap - How Lack of Sleep Affects Kid's Learning

Imagine what it’s like for a developing child to try to operate normally when they’re sleep-deficient. Sleep is as essential to your overall functioning as eating ...

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Grocery Shopping with Kids - 7 Ways to Build Literacy and Keep Them Busy

There were so many easy learning opportunities right before our eyes that I wanted to take advantage of every moment. You can turn your regular grocery store trip into learning and literacy experiences.


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“It's the pleasure of reading that counts; the focus will naturally broaden. A boy won't read shark books forever.”

John Sciescka
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