I can officially say that I finally finished Christmas shopping [sigh of relief] …today, December 23, to be exact.  Let me just say that I wasn’t panicked at all.  Okay, maybe just a little.  But it’s one hundred percent okay that I’m later than I’ve ever been because the Christmas season doesn’t officially end around our household until around January 15. At least, that’s when the tree and decorations come down.  In he past, I’ve left it up so long that I seriously considered adding some hearts to it for Valentine’s Day. I’m not ashamed. What would be a shame is if you missed out on this fabulous children’s literacy planner I sent out to all of my subscribers. In case you forgot to add books and toys that help support your child’s literacy to your list, I’ve got your back.

The holidays can be filled with so much noise, planning, running from store to store, and just plain busy, that it can be easy to forget to connect, in meaningful ways, with our kiddos.  

Our planner is intended to help you fill the holidays with simple activities you can do with your child.  Plus, it will assist  you in creating a book and educational gift list, give your child a sense of what to expect during the holiday.  Giving you a peace of mind so they’re not constantly asking when your relatives are coming or when the tree is going up and so on.    Planner and Gift Guide is our way of helping you to be more intentional in integrating some literacy throughout the holiday season.  Hopefully, it acts as a destressor too as you bond with your child.  Bonus, you get the satisfaction of  knowing that you’re investing time into building their literacy and language skills in some way.  

When you subscribe to my community, you get all of this for free!  

After you’ve had a chance to use your planner, let me know what you think.  Seriously…the good, bad, and the ugly.  I want to know what worked, what didn’t, and what you’d like to see added.  

Happy (And Much Successful) Reading! 

Sorry, you missed it! It will be back November 2020.

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Free Children's Literacy Planner and Gift Guide

Grab your Free Children's Literacy Planner before it's gone

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