‘Who died and made you an authority on reading?’ I asked myself that a few days ago. The truth is, before I had my first child, I knew a couple of things that I wanted for him – as far as academics were concerned anyway. I wanted him to excel in school and to love reading.  Along with that, to be a good reader. Growing up, I was always in the high reading group. Plus, I loved to read! So, I wanted the same thing for my son and the rest of my kiddos.
Even though I went to school for my teaching degree, they did not teach me how to get kids to love reading or how to raise readers. Sadly, they barely taught on how to teach kids to read. 

So I learned along the way by reading and doing everything that seemed to make sense that would benefit me in helping him reach the reading finish line with excellence. I subscribed to a children’s book club that would send developmentally-appropriate books every month. In hindsight, I’m not sure whether I would do that again, although they sent great books. Some of which I still have to this day. I read an insane amount of books to him from the time he was born until around first grade (even though he was reading independently). Carried books everywhere we went. I conversed with him daily from infancy like he could understand every word I said. My sister thought I was nuts. I didn’t care. The majority of the gifts he received were educational or literacy-based.  I fully invested with hopes that it would pay off for him.

By the time he was four years old, he was reading fluently (without drill-and-kill flashcards). And on his first day of kindergarten, his teacher walked out to me [beaming], and said, “I think I just may have the best reader in kindergarten.” 
I said that, not to brag, but show you what’s possible, what you can do, and save you some time by sharing my knowledge with you. My passion is to pass along that success with other adults so kids everywhere can excel and love to read too.

Happy (And Much Successful) Reading! 

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