Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Teach Your Child the Alphabet Song

Not teach my child the alphabet song?  It’s a little shocking, I know. 

They were a little shocked too when I told them their daughter was still working on learning to say the alphabet.  I hated being the bearer of bad news. ⠀⠀

“She knows her alphabet” mom said with confidence.  Then, I explained, ‘When most kids learn the alphabet, they learn it through the alphabet song.”

At the beginning of the school year, I sat down with each student and said, ‘Can you say the alphabet (or abc’s) for me?’  Typically, I got something like this from most kids when I used to teach: “A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-J-ELIM-INO-P-Q-R-X-T-U-B-W-S-Y-N-Z. Now I know my a-b-c, next time won’t you sing with me.” 

I explained this same thing to parent after parent. ⠀⠀

They’re learning a song.  And they don’t always get the lyrics right (neither do we sometimes,  to be honest). Like my daughter, who for the longest time, would sing her heart out to this song, “God is on the roof, on the roof, hallelujah!  God is on the roof.  On the roof today!”.  Actually, the lyrics are, “God is on the move, on the move.”⠀

Don’t get me wrong.  The alphabet song is super cute and music helps kids learn and retain information easier.  The problem with that alphabet song is that it confuses kids.  And, when you slow most 2-4 year-olds down to actually SAY their alphabet, they have no idea, most times, what comes after the letter d.

Knowing the alphabet means saying or even singing it with the letters in the correct order.  ⠀⠀

I told them, the song is okay, but to really help them to learn how to say the alphabet, play games like alternating between you and them saying one letter of the alphabet at a time.  They can do it while hopping as they say each letter.  Or, building a tower with blocks one at a time.  Or even a song, just not that song.  Whatever song you choose, should help them hear every letter individually.  

Do you have a song that helped your child learn the alphabet?  Leave it in the comments below to share with our audience

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