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Hey there!  My name’s Natasha Moorer, former preschool – 2nd grade teacher.  I’ve always loved reading, but the classroom and as a parent is where I found my passion for children’s literacy.  

Before my first son was born, I had limited knowledge on raising a reader (although I had just started my first year teaching kindergarten).  What I knew was that, not only did I want him to love to read but to read well.  

So I went to work learning all I could about raising readers, poring over books, articles, and magazines.  

I invested in a children’s book club, children’s books for special occasions (any occasion), magnetic letters, letters in the tub, phonics games and beyond.  

When he was a baby, we had regular conversations like he was a little adult (in motherease and through gurgles and coos).  My sister thought I was crazy!  I didn’t care.  Bedtime stories were a regular nighttime routine.  We sang silly songs, played with sounds, the whole nine.

Fast forward to his first day of kindergarten at the end of the school day when I went to pick him up from school.  His teacher met me outside on the sidewalk.  She beamed like a proud mother, telling me, “I think I might have the best reader in kindergarten!”

My investment paid off.  From there, he continued to blossom in his reading and always read two or more levels above his grade (so did my other two children). 

Naively, I never considered struggling young readers because of my own children until ten years ago.  I walked into a new position as a Reading Interventionist and was shocked to discover nearly 60 second graders who couldn’t read simple words like ‘the,’ ‘and,’ or ‘cat.  Some of them, unable to spell their own names.  

What had been done in the past hadn’t worked.  Something different had to be done.  Again, I pored over scholarly reading research, articles, and magazines to learn how to help.  Then, I went to work tweaking and using a reading system that I had created two years prior and began implementing it.  In just six weeks, over eight-five percent of those students improved two to three reading levels and some more.  The look of joy on their faces because they could read almost brought me to tears and was inspiring.  

Afterward, I continued helpIng hundreds of kids learn to read well, 

My success and passion for reading and kids lead me here, wanting to have more impact by helping working parents like you navigate your child’s reading journey with resources and tools you can use to help you raise a strong reader that loves to read.  

Happy (And Much Successful) Reading!


“The best candy shop kids can be left alone in is the library.”

Maya Angelou
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