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Hey there!  My name’s Natasha Moorer. Raised, most of my life, in the Midwest but not born here. I like to think of myself as a cross between a Cali girl (even though I’ve never been) and a New Yorker (have traveled here). I love the bright lights and eclectic culture of the Big Apple. And the laid-backness (just made that word up myself) and nearly year-round warm/mild weather of Cali is something that’s totally me – minus the earthquakes. (Cold weather is NOT my thing) I’m pretty laid back and reserved in public, most of the time. But my kids can attest to the fact that I’m a big kid at heart and love playing around with them.

I taught k-2 for ten years and worked as a Reading Interventionist for two of those ten years. A completely new experience for me was teaching Headstart for a short stint of three years. Even though my time in Headstart was short, I learned so many invaluable lessons about myself, people, and kids. 

As a former k-2 teacher and reading interventionist, I was blessed with crazy success inside and outside the classroom with teaching kids to read and helping to improve kids who struggled with reading. That is, in addition to raising three kiddos who always topped the charts in reading and love to read. Well, total transparency here, my oldest, who’s seventeen, isn’t an avid reader like he once was (more on that in the blog). Although I firmly believe that it’s not developmentally appropriate to ‘teach’ children under five to read, both of my boys entered kindergarten full-fledged readers. My daughter began fully reading by the end of the second quarter of kindergarten. Afterward, her reading skills skyrocketed from there.  My boys and were not ‘taught’ by me nor anyone else. I was simply intentional about every aspect of their development and environment that I knew would directly impact their literacy and actively invested in those areas.

My lifelong passion for reading myself, plus being so successful with helping hundreds of young readers, including my kiddos, inspired me to want to help parents and teachers to have that same success with their little ones. That’s why I’ve invested thousands of hours, independently, poring over textbooks, magazines, articles, and beyond learning about children’s literacy.
Reading is rocket science. And, I want to help you navigate your child’s or students’ literacy journey to with resources so you make it fun, practical, and crystal clear so you can feel confident in yourself as their guide.

Happy Reading!

“The best candy shop kids can be left alone in is the library.”

Maya Angelou
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