What To Do When Your Child Hates Reading

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR CHILD HATES READING What happens when you’ve read thousands of bedtime stories, traipsed to the library every week and sometimes several times a week, as if it was an amusement park, to check out books, read everything from labels to billboards, signs and beyond? When you've pulled out every strategy in the book, and then some, to develop your child’s love for reading only to be told, “Who cares about reading?” When my 6 year-old boldly uttered those words, I was crushed. How…


Free Children’s Literacy Planner and Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

FREE CHILDREN'S LITERACY PLANNER AND CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE FOR KIDS I can officially say that I finally finished Christmas shopping [sigh of relief] ...today, December 23, to be exact.  Let me just say that I wasn't panicked at all.  Okay, maybe just a little.  But it's one hundred percent okay that I'm later than I've ever been because the Christmas season doesn't officially end around our household until around January 15. At least, that's when the tree and decorations come down.  In he past, I've left it up…


Grocery Shopping with Kids – 7 Ways to Build Literacy and Keep Them Busy

Grocery Shopping With Your Kids - 7 Ways to Build Literacy and Keep Them Busy Why is it so hard to go into Target and buy just one item?The other day we went in for orange juice and came out with about ten things. That’s how it usually goes. Who else has this problem?I typically stayed away from allowing my kids to bring devices into stores. They had slim to none anyway.  Plus, there were so many easy learning opportunities right before our eyes that I wanted…

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