Somebody Needs a Nap – How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Child’s Learning

SOMEBODY NEEDS A NAP - HOW LACK OF SLEEP AFFECTS YOUR CHILD'S LEARNING Last night, your child asked to stay up to watch “just one more show.” Reluctantly, you caved after their umpteenth time begging. Now, this morning, you find yourself having to drag them out of bed to get ready for school. They’re up, but barely. Pretty soon, they’re out the door headed to school. What happens when they’re sitting in class, and it’s time to learn? Will their sleep-reduced night affect their day in class?Sleepy…


5 Easy Steps to Engage Your Child Plus Build Comprehension During Reading

5 SIMPLE STEPS TO ENGAGE YOUR CHILD AND BUILD COMPREHENSION DURING READING “I didn’t know I was supposed to ask him questions.” That was almost thirteen years ago since that conversation in the hallway. Kelly (names changed for privacy reasons) worked in maintenance, and we stopped briefly in the hall, where I taught at the time, to talk about her son. His teacher shared with her that her son was struggling with reading comprehension. She raced through the story as she explained to me how she always…


Most Children Aren’t Bad Spellers. They Just Haven’t Learned the Rules -Here’s How You Can Help

MOST CHILDREN AREN'T BAD SPELLERS. THEY JUST HAVEN'T LEARNED THE RULES -HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP Have you ever said to yourself, “I’m terrible at spelling”? Maybe you’ve heard a friend or relative groan about being a ‘bad speller.’ I know I’ve heard it on more than a few occasions in my lifetime. Here's the truth. There's no such thing as a bad speller. Being a lousy speller is a myth. There are only kids who have learned the rules and kids who haven't.When my son was…

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