Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Teach Your Child the ABC Song

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Teach Your Child the Alphabet Song Not teach my child the alphabet song?  It's a little shocking, I know. They were a little shocked too when I told them their daughter was still working on learning to say the alphabet.  I hated being the bearer of bad news. ⠀⠀“She knows her alphabet” mom said with confidence.  Then, I explained, ‘When most kids learn the alphabet, they learn it through the alphabet song.”At the beginning of the school year, I sat down with each student…


Is Your Child Confused Like Alice? They May Have Comprehension Problems: Here’s How To Help

IS YOUR CHILD STRUGGLING WITH COMPREHENSION? HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP The first time I read Alice in Wonderland my daughter was in the fifth grade.  Some people would probably be shocked because I was a former classroom teacher and I love reading.  So, of course all teachers read the classics especially ones who are crazy about reading.  Right?  Wrong.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I have read some books considered classics and many that aren’t.  Most of those were required reading in school.  Most of the covers just…


Visual Picture Schedule Cards for Preschoolers When Parents Working from Home

PRESCHOOL VISUAL SCHEDULE CARDS FOR HOMESCHOOL - PROMOTE LITERACY AND BE MORE PRODUCTIVE your free visual schedule cards.   FREE DOWNLOAD Promote Literacy and Independence: A Visual Homeschool Schedule Will Help Your Child and You Have More Joy and Get More Done Free Home Literacy Environment Check-Up Does your home make the grade for supporting your child's literacy development to raise a strong reader that thrives and loves to read? Find out now. Let's keep in touch Instagram Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest Copyright 2019. Readers By Desygn.…

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